Reflections on Nevada Caucus 2020: BERNIE!

February 27, 2020 KELLEY KIDD

The most popular vote getter in the Iowa and New Hampshire presidential preference votes earlier this year also won in Nevada last weekend. Bernie Sanders has won big. Very big. He not only got the largest vote among a field of more than half a dozen candidates. He also got more than 44 percent of that vote. His support came strongest from the same young voters who put him on top in Iowa and new Hampshire., but he also ran very strongly among older and self-described moderates. He did very well with Latinos and Blacks, male voters and women, college educated and voters with less education. A self-proclaimed Democratic Socialist from a very small rural state! A seventy eight year old man who has never made a fortune in business or been the central feature or star of a television show or movie. And whose only athletic accomplishment was as a high school miler. He is not only an awkward speaker, but a lifelong member of a third party or an independent who has only been a member of the Democratic party for the purpose of running for President. He had a heart attack while campaigning this summer, and if elected he will be an octogenarian for most of his time in office!

So what is it this old socialist has to offer? It must be something! He has raised more campaign donations than any candidate in American history! Maybe it is simply that a great many people like what he stands for. Yes. By a process of elimination, that must be it. So I intend to devote at least a column each week for a while to the politics and policies of old Bernie Sanders, the present front runner for the Democratic nomination for President. Those positions on issues may tell a lot about the nature of American politics at this juncture in the history of the oldest republic and the most powerful nation on earth.