February 23, 2020. KELLEY KIDD The Name Of The Blog. Several years ago I had a blog by the same name. It perished when my IT expert refused to give me the information needed to renew it; he had put the blog in his own name. then neglected to maintain a stable address or enough income to keep the blog up and running. So here we are again. It seems worth noting that I was a happy member of the staff of a previous institution by the name of Journal of Public Law. That institution also perished when the Emory University Law School replaced it with the perhaps more conventionally entitled Emory Law Journal. My years with that law journal were 1965 through 1967. So my connections with the name of the blog have history and personal experience.

The Scope Of The Blog. It is my intention that this blog will publish absolutely anything that may help the reader to think clearly about any issue of concern to my fellow Americans. We are a people so diverse and varied that our shared concerns are often invisible among the very many concerns of the tribes, factions, divisions and interests of our hundreds of millions of people. We are a huge culture with many subcultures, a politic with many subpolitics, a faith with many very different faiths, an economy with a host of different and often conflicting smaller but important economies, a society in which there are important differences in law that varies form state to state and often even city to surrounding county within the same state. Our so called “private” institutions often have tremendous impact on the legal and social public institutions. So the scope of this blog will be open to any subject which has the potential to affect the actual life we live in this great country.

The Point of View of the Blog. I am a lawyer who has been a teacher, school administrator, fire fighter, office worker, alcoholism and drug counselor, political campaign worker, community organizer and caterer. My status has varied from single to married to divorced. I am a lover of dogs, cats, children and drunks. I have worked variously for one of America’s most illustrious conservatives, Senator Richard Russell, and two of America’s most lovable liberals, Maynard Jackson and Julian Bond. I am a fanatical baseball fan nd passionate reader of the Hebrew Bible. My religious affiliations have varied from Southern Baptist to Reform Jewish. My best friend is a hospice nurse and my employer a Public Defender. I adore this country and grieve sadly on its foibles as well as I rejoice for its amazing strengths. I will be looking for any would-be contributor who can add to the dialogue.

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