A partial draft for JJ (April 19 10: 40 am)

OVERVIEW In the first quarter of 2020 two developments highlight the continuing need for a new progressive movement in America. First, the rise and fall of the Sanders presidential campaign. Second, the political and economic response to the COVID19 epidemic. The first elucidated the principal issues that concern American progressives. The second revealed much about the terrible weaknesses of the present political and economic systems in America. This small essay will try to do two things: (1) outline some basic deficiencies in our present systems (2) declare the most important changes needed (3) call for a new democratic movement focused on educating about these matters.


(a) Dishonest separation of political and economic issues.There is a false division of our social system analysis that separates economic and political issues into economic and political. Actually they are so closely related that the separation leads almost inevitably to partial and inaccurate analysis and action. Effective social change requires orientation to see the two systems as interdependent.

(b) Extreme inequality between rich owners and poor working families and individuals.

(c) Lack of needed economic and political policies to support the basic needs of the people in at least the following areas: health, education, environment, child care, freedom of expression.


(a) universal health care

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