NOVEMBER 6, 2020 I am tempted to use the opening line from a well known rock song to start this off. “I didn’t sleep at all last night!” Instead I lay awake to watch the State of Georgia become a “blue state” by reason of its voters giving more votes to Biden than Trump. The last time a Democratic presidential candidate “won Georgia” was 1996 when Ross Perot took more votes from the Republican candidate than the Democrat.. Georgia has consistently given most of its votes to Republican candidates since. This time the conventional wisdom was that Trump would win Georgia by a narrow margin. The reverse happened.

Now Georgia will determine whether the Democrats will also have at least a tie vote situation in the Senate. Since 2010 the Republicans have held a small but disciplined majority there. The consequences have been that Trump got approval for every foreign and domestic policy move and every appointment, no matter how clearly that appointment might be of someone incompetent but loyal to Trump. A Republican controlled Senate would meant the Biden presidency would be cripples in every area of policy formation and in selection of executive and judicial officers. Georgia will either give Biden a relatively free hand in a variety of policy matters and in those appointments.

The State is about evenly divided right now. So every effort to register and turn out voters is potentially crucial. We are in for a very interesting couple of months here between now and the conclusion of these Senatorial races.

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